Meet Tom Turcich

After the death of his friend Ann Marie, Tom's dream of walking around the world was born. Her passing woke him to his own mortality and forced him to reconsider what he wanted out of the brief time we have here. To get the most out of life, he decided to walk. By traveling slowly, he knew he would be immersed in unknown places, forced into adventure, and come to better understand the world. On April 2nd, 2015, after getting a degree and paying off his loans, he stepped out his front door. Seven years, six continents, and twenty-eight thousand miles later, he has become the tenth person to walk around the world, and his dog, Savannah, became the first dog to do so.


Pics from all over the world!

Latest Writings

Each night in my tent Tom did a little writing, generally these writings accumulate into a weekly post. In his writings, he strived to convey the subtle variances in culture and environment, the strangeness of man, and how walking eight hours a day affects him. For a deeper dive into his experience, start reading.
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I'm in eternal gratitude to my sponsors. Their support allowed me to live the dream I've had since seventeen.
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