Tom Turcich here. April 2nd, 2015 I left my home in New Jersey to embark on a five year trek across the seven continents. The dream of walking around the world formed at seventeen after my friend AnneMarie passed. Since her death I've decided to make the most of each day. I walk the world to become immersed in unknown places and be forced into adventure day after day. In Texas I adopted a dog, Savannah, and we've crossed every border together ever since. I write and take photos, and am hopefully getting better at both with each passing day.


Pics from all over the world!


I eat too many peanut butter sandwiches.

Latest Writings

Each night in my tent I do a little writing, generally these writings accumulate into a weekly post. In my writings I strive to convey the subtle variances in culture and environment, the strangeness of man, and how walking eight hours a day affects me. For a deeper dive into my experience, start reading.

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Savannah’s Saga, Part 2

Lou-Lou and I spent three weeks at my cousin apartment in Austin.  Lou-Lou couldn’t go outside because she didn’t have all her vaccinations yet.  I carpeted the apartment with puppy pads, but Lou-Lou seemed to actively avoid them.  I was constantly wiping the floor and apologizing to my cousin who didn’t mind at all. I […]

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Savannah’s Saga – Part One

The desert was an unending scene out the back windshield of the car.  Movement in the dull landscape was only discernible by the flicking lane lines and the receding mountains far in the distance.  To my left were three Chilean men and two Chilean women. A moment before I ran to the middle of the […]

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Separation Anxiety

Out to my right was open ocean while in front of me the road appeared to slide along the hills as a black river.  How long had I been walking for?  At times it felt like forever, other times it felt like just a few days. I could no longer hold on to time.  Days […]

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Miles Walked


I'm in eternal gratitude to my sponsors. Their support allows me to live the dream I've had since seventeen. I'll do my best not to squander that and share my experience as best I can.